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East To West And Back Again

Adam Silvestri of Radiator King rocks the East Coast again

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything" - Plato

It's been a minute (ok, a few years) since I last saw Adam of Radiator King. This is partially due to the covid-19 pandemic and partially due to the musician's relocation to sunny Los Angeles, California. Before both of those events, we'd see each other regularly going back to 2016 or so when he was living in NYC, so this is uncharted territory.

Full disclosure, Adam and I have worked together for years with my currently "paused" label, SoundEvolution Music. Together we released an EP, Roll The Dice (2019), and an LP, Unborn Ghosts (2020). We also collaborated on shows, music videos, and all that comes with making and releasing music in the digital era. More importantly, we became brothers along the way, so this piece has some built-in bias, deal with it.


Adam's music is pure. He writes and plays straight from his "old" soul and what comes pouring out of his amplifiers is sonic connection. He's relatable in all the ways an artist can be. Complimenting his story-telling and vivid lyrics; is a sound not unlike some familiar names such as Tom Waits, Mike Ness, and Nick Drake.

The recent move to L.A. is producing some incredible work that the world will find out about soon enough, (his band and team out there will blow you away) but for now, he was home and back to his roots.

With back-to-back shows at the Transparent Clinch Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ, (4/14/22) and Berlin in NYC, (4/15/22) Silvestri got to play for fans and friends alike. There's a different vibe in a room full of friends and familiar faces, which was evident at both venues.

The first time Adam played the Clinch Gallery was back in 2018 for the Make Music Asbury Park/SoundEvolution Music showcase. He's been back there many times since and is usually honored by photographer, musician, and gallery owner, Danny Clinch joining him on stage.

When artists develop a fanbase in a geographical location, it's sometimes difficult to leave because you don't know who will be there when you come back. In Adam's case, his fans have become his friends and friends are always there for you no matter how long it may take you to get back home.


The second East Coast Radiator King show was held at Berlin on 4/15. Like the Asbury show, Silvestri was joined on stage by long-time friends and musical collaborators. On keys and backing vocals for both shows was Michael "Hess" Hesslein of Mail the Horse and singer/songwriter/producer Don DiLego (producer of Unborn Ghosts) who lent backing vocals and guitar on the beautiful "Haunts Me Now".

There really isn't anything like music, in particular live music, to bring people together. Seeing so many friendly and familiar faces at a show, no matter how much time has passed since you've been in the same room with them, is always magical. People are first drawn to the music, and in many instances, then become drawn to those people who've been brought together by the music.

Adam has a few more shows on this quick East Coast tour (PA, NH) and then it's back to L.A. to continue work on what may very well be his greatest music yet.

One thing is for sure, he'll always have a home in the northeast east and we will continue to support his efforts near or far.


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Aimee Gramblin
Aimee Gramblin
Apr 16, 2022

when’s Adam et Al coming to Cains in Tulsa (pppppppleasssse!)

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