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Generation Riff - The Podcast

We started with the Abandoned Albums podcast, added Generation Riff to the fold, and are plotting even more future excitement!

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What happens when two writers get together to write about and discuss music? Duh, podcasts are born!

From its inception, Generation Riff was meant to be a multimedia project. I had always envisioned the site to be a home for the music I love to write about as well as everything that could possibly come with that. Essays, reviews, interviews, collaborations, videos, and yes, podcasts.

My partner in all things music, Keith R. Higgons, created the incredible Abandoned Albums podcast (there's also a link on my menu bar), where we've had some amazing guests including Broken Homes, Chris Shinn of Unified Theory and Live, Vaden Todd Lewis of The Toadies, Steve Smith of The Vapors, Tracy Bonham, and many more.

Discussing terrific albums that had been lost in the shuffle for one reason or another is a fun and frankly necessary topic. Too many great albums fall by the wayside, usually due to major label incompetence, and should be put back on display. That's exactly why we do it. Then, due to our shared musical geekdom, we said we needed more!

Our newest podcast series takes two things Keith and I both love, music, and writing, and combines them in what we hope will be a fun and exciting way.

The objective is to speak with writers who've written books about music and take a deep dive into those books, the writers themselves, and why writing about music is something they choose to do. We felt it was a natural progression after the success of Abandoned Albums (which is in full swing and in the middle of Season 2) and wanted to deliver something a bit different yet with the same musical punch.

The first episode is out and available everywhere you get your podcasts. It features author Jim Ruland (Do What You Want - The Story of Bad Religion, My Damage w/Keith Morris - The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor) discussing his latest book, Corporate Rock Sucks - The Rise & Fall of SST Records.


I hope you take the ride with us on our new podcast just as you've done with our first one. Abandoned Albums kicked it all off, Generation Riff is taking things in a new direction, and others will follow.

Make sure you subscribe and follow both so you don't miss a beat...or a word!


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