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90s Alternative Comes Roaring Back...And It's The Girls Who Are Doing It

Mega-star Olivia Rodrigo pays homage to 90s Alt-rockers, Veruca Salt, and the internet goes nuts

Photo credits - Olivia Rodrigo (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images), Veruca Salt publicity photo

On January 13, 2022, I wrote a piece for Generation Riff called, "Women Who Rocked The 90s" which can be read here. Then on March 6, 2022, I wrote a piece for The Riff Magazine on Medium called, "The Birth, Takeover, Death, And Rebirth Of Musical Genres" which can be read here.

The reason I tell you this is because Olivia Rodrigo and Veruca Salt just merged both of those articles together and demonstrated how life truly does imitate art sometimes. This occurred in all of its sonic glory as the young superstar covered the alternative rock veteran's hit song "Seether" on her first-ever tour. And the Twitterverse loved it!!

Veruca Salt Twitter feed


People making music today will always draw inspiration from those who made it yesterday, and in choosing to cover "Seether", a massive hit in 1994 by Veruca Salt, Rodrigo is doing what many great artists do. She's paying homage to a band and a song that inspired her to follow her own musical dreams.

There was a musical revolution in the 90s and bands like Veruca Salt played a major role in that. They inspired many to write songs and blaze their own trail, particularly women, and now we all benefit from the talents of Olivia Rodrigo because of it.

The cycle of music never ends and you can mark my words, that in due time, this situation will repeat itself. The only difference will be that some female artist will be on stage, during her first major tour, and she'll cover "driver's license" or "brutal" by Olivia Rodrigo.

If you're a fan of Rodrigo and only heard of Veruca Salt because of her cover of "Seether", here's where it all started:


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