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Writing a Book is Hard, but Enjoying the Process is Easy

It's fitting that as I write this blog I've got the odd-timed, semi-psychedelic "Head Down" off of Soundgarden's 1994 release, Superunknown chiming away in the background. So much of what this song represents can be juxtaposed with the feelings I have writing my first book, SLACKER - 1991, Teen Spirit Angst, and the Generation It Created.

If you're not familiar with the song, I've included it at the end of this post but I'll do my best to explain why I feel it's so fitting for this piece.

For as long as I can remember I knew I'd write a book. I wasn't sure when, how, or what it would be about, I just knew I'd give it a shot someday. During the pandemic of 2020, the idea for this specific book hit me. I was contemplating my life (as most of us probably were) and I realized that if you do not do the things you want in this lifetime, you're most likely not living a full life.

That's when the writing began. It was odd, disjointed, and confusing, yet it felt right. It was fulfilling. "Head Down" sounds like that description to me. The song was written by Soundgarden's bassist, Ben Shepard, not Chris Cornell, who was the band's main songwriter. Shepard wrote the music and the lyrics to this trippy, yet heavy, Beatle-esque track. It's weird, but it works.

I'm certainly not the Chris Cornell of authors, that would be way too much praise to heap upon myself. I have more in common with Ben Shapard. I play bass guitar, I'm in the background as far as music writers are concerned, I'm slightly off and weird (in all the good ways I think), and I write what comes naturally as Shepard does in his songs as they are certainly not written with the mainstream in mind.

Did that help you understand my comparison or did it make absolutely no sense? Probably the latter, that's ok.


Here's the bottom line. As I continue to write SLACKER - 1991, Teen Spirit Angst, and the Generation It Created, I recognize and appreciate how difficult it is. It's an exercise in humility, self-consciousness, fear, and sometimes, insanity. What's amazing about admitting that though is how I've never once considered giving up. Those negative emotions we've all felt and continue to feel often are powerless when they come up against what my brain, heart, and soul tell me I have to do. It's liberating, to say the least.

I'm beyond grateful for all the support I've received (and continue to receive) from so many people since the start of this project, and I'm so excited to finish strong and get this book out into the world. I've released songs, albums, and EPs through my record label in the past and now I'm adding to the musical landscape with my words and the words of many contributors and I hope you all love the end result.

If you'd like to reserve your limited 1st print run edition, signed copy of SLACKER, click here and tell us how many we can hold for you. There's also information about joining the Street Team I'm creating with the folks at Inspired By You Books, so check that out as well.


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