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Chuck D of Public Enemy Agrees to Sell Music Catalog

In what's becoming one of the hottest trends in the music industry, Chuck D of the iconic Public Enemy has agreed with Reach Music Publishing to sell 100% of his writing share and 50% of his copywriter interest in over 300 songs according to Variety.

Songs such as "Fight the Power", "Bring the Noise", "Shut 'Em Down", and dozens more of the most popular PE songs are included in the latest song-selling transaction in the ever-changing music industry.

I did a quick video post about this on my IG and FB pages so check those out and leave comments there so we can have a discussion.

The details of this deal vary from some of the other artists who've recently done this but that's not what the conversation should be about. After all, these songs are the property of the people who wrote them and they have every right to do what they wish with those songs.

I'm interested in what all of you think. What will this do to the music industry going forward? Will these songs be handled with care and artistic integrity or will they appear in every commercial the new owners can get them in?

Is there something in between those two options?

Head to my social media pages and let me know your thoughts.

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